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Submitted by matthew on December 18, 2010 - 8:31pm

I have been doing development for Poieo Design for a bit now and we have a number of modules that we are looking forward to clean up and contribute. Here is a sneak peak of what we are currently working on:

Ubercart Pay Later - The Pay later module lets a user pay for an order after viewing it from their order history. This will allow you to dynamicly create orders for users so they don't have to go through the checkout process, but can still pay for them later. Currently only the built in credit card and paypal is supported, but with help from the community, more payment methods and features can be integrated.

Ubercart Payment Plan - There are some products that are just too expensive to pay for at once. This module will allow you to define a deposit, then create additional payments and dates that they are due. After the deposit is paid by the client, the additional payments are then turned into individual orders. The user can then pay for them when they want via the Ubercart Pay Later module.

Ubercart Late Fee - This module will let the user define a late fee for an order based on product class. When the order has passed its due date without being paid, the fee is then added as a line item to the order and reoccurs until the order is paid for.

Ubercart Due Date - Currently the only dates associated with orders are their created date and modified date. Those are pretty important, however when using the modules such as Ubercart Pay Later and Ubercart Payment Plan where orders are generated instead of checked out, we need to define when this invoice is due as well as track when it was created.

Ubercart Notifications - This module was created to send out notifications when payments where due and when late fees were applied.

Ubercart Hide Add to Cart - This is more of a glue module but we find it useful often. Based on product class, we sometimes want to hide the "add to cart" form.

Currently all these modules are in "yep it's working" condition. We still have some cleaning and gravy to add but we are pretty excited about their use. If you are interested in these modules or have any suggestions, please let us know!

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